Waste Transportation



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AA Services owns and manages a large fleet of waste transport vehicles.  The company has more than 20 years of experience of transporting both hazardous and non-hazardous waste.  Notably, AA Services has transported in excess of 2 million tonnes of liquid and solid waste for BP Azerbaijan without spillage or notable accident.

AA Services familiarizes itself with locations, distances, turnaround times, quantities and type of waste containers to be transported. The company then maximizes transportation efficiency and control over the movement of waste without compromising safety and operations.  A system of Waste Transfer Notes is used for the movement of all waste.

AA Services uses Davis Drive Right monitors in all its light vehicles and GPS tracking and cameras in all of its trucks.  Hazard identification is conducted for all routes.  All drivers receive defensive driving training and comply with the strict company driving policy.


Skips and Containers

AA Services has as a variety of DNV certified cargo carrying units and waste containers available for both offshore and onshore use:

  • Mini containers
  • Offshore baskets
  • Tote tanks
  • Waste skips
  • Open top containers
  • General waste containers
  • Waste oil containers
  • Large and small drill cutting boxes

Skip turning devices are available for use with the drill cutting boxes.

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