Cuttings Treatment


AA Services has been handling and processing oil based cuttings for more than 20 years and has treated in excess of 1,000,000 tonnes.  AA Services offers a complete service for the management of oil based cuttings from containment, transportation, treatment through to assistance with the final disposal of the treated solids.


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AA Services supplies and manages a large fleet of drill cutting boxes (DCBs) built to DNV standards and provides turning devices to empty them.  Three sizes of boxes are available to complement local logistics:

  • 3.1 m3
  • 3.5 m3
  • 14 m3


AA Services owns, operates and co-ordinates a large fleet of vehicles consisting of specialist waste trucks and heavy plant, many of which are ADR and ATEX compliant. The fleet is used to provide efficient and integrated logistical support to the company’s waste management activities within the oil and gas industry. AA Services has over 20 years of experience of safely transporting drill cuttings and hazardous waste without spillage.


AA Services installs and uses a variety of weighbridges ranging from 20 to 100 tonnes for weighing individual drill cutting boxes or trucks loaded with many boxes. The weighing enables accurate monitoring of cuttings received and the disposal of treated solids.


AA Services designs, constructs and operates sites for the thermal treatment of oil based cuttings. The company has experience of using both High Temperature Desorption Units (HTDU) and Thermo-mechanical Cuttings Cleaners (TCC). AA Services has treated more than 1,000,000 tonnes of oil based cuttings and has recovered in excess of 130,000 tonnes base oil for reuse by its clients.

AA Services operates its own mobile TCC for recovering base oil from oil based cuttings. The treated cuttings typically have < 0.2%wt oil.

In addition to thermal treatment AA Services also has over 10 years of experience of bio-remediating oil based cuttings.


AA Services designs, constructs and operates landfills for the disposal of treated cuttings with less than 0.2%wt oil. The company also has practical experience of using treated cuttings as day cover in a non-hazardous landfill.

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